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Welcome to Vester Rountved - Paradis Bed and Breakfast

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country house located in the beautiful, rolling countryside between Hjørring and Sindal. We offer four beautiful double rooms, two of which are situated with its own entrance and a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, in connection with TV room, living room and private bathroom. Everything is newly renovated and it is light and delightful. Cosy country house with peace and quiet, with large park and lakes, path along the stream where you can go fishing and canoeing all the way to Tversted Beach. We take great pride in our park and garden - where there is a greenhouse, many beautiful flowers - a myriad of different fruit trees and berry bushes - like blueberries - which are very healthy to eat and that benefit the eyes. Here you can help to pick berries and make jam and juice when there is a season. There is furniture in the garden and a cozy patio where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in peace and tranquility. We offer good discounts for extended stays - and for artisans.We look forward to your visit.Kind regards Margit  Jensen


Paradiset • Rountvedvej 61 • 9800 Hjørring • +45 98 93 83 01 • +45 40 21 46 68 •